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Botox has become an increasingly popular treatment to reduce wrinkles and it is proven to produce effective and impressive results. Whether you are looking for forehead, eye, or brow Botox, our surgeon can use this procedure to reduce wrinkles and dimples, leaving you with younger looking skin. 

Botox has also been known to prevent severe sweating and headaches, as well as other illnesses. This non-invasive surgery is the most common surgical treatment in the UK for many reasons, some of these being:

  • Instant results
  • Safety
  • Minimal recovery time

How it Works

The procedure is safe, simple and follows these steps:

  • Using a tiny micro-needle, the muscle relaxing injection is introduced to the areas where deep lines and wrinkles appear
  • This relaxes the underlying muscles temporarily
  • There is an instant softening in facial appearance
  • The full use of the muscles quickly returns, and the wrinkles do not

While Botox side effects are both rare and minimal, temporary bruising, as well as other results can occur. All the information you need will be relayed by one of our professional Botox doctors in your initial consultation, allowing you to gain full knowledge of the process and your individual procedure.

Also Serving London

If you would like to book a consultation with our surgeon, or simply want information on our Botox prices or procedures, please contact your local Wentworth clinic.