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Chin Implant Surgery

The two important structures which give the face real projection are the nose and chin. The procedure to alter the chin bone is called a genioplasty. The chin size can be augmented by placing a chin implant.

Your consultation

If you are unhappy with your chin, this may be a combination of many problems. Following consultation, your surgeon would give you a diagnosis and treatment options. Radiographs of your face and jaw will be taken in order to analyse the problem and plan the corrections.

Chin Surgery Procedure

The operation can be carried out under local anaesthetic or general anaesthetic. Genioplasty is usually carried out under a general anaesthetic whereas a chin implant is usually carried out under local anaesthetic.


An incision is made inside the lower lip. The chin bone will be exposed. The nerves which give sensation to the lip are identified and protected. A bone cut will then be made according to the plan and a drill or saw will be used for this. The segment of chin will then be positioned to give the desired projection and micro titanium plates and screws are used to stabilise the segment. The incision in the lower lip is repaired with resorbable sutures. A chin support garment is applied.

In patients with a very small chin one bone cut and sliding that portion is not adequate to obtain the desired height and projection.  In these cases we perform 2 parallel cuts so that the fragments are advanced differentially, making it feasible to obtain double height and projection.  This is called 'double sliding genioplasty'

Chin implants

The approach is similar to the genioplasty above. A suitable chin implant is selected and placed in the created pocket. The implant is stabilised with sutures. The incision in the lip is repaired also as above and a chin support garment is applied.

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