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Ear Correction Surgery

Prominent or protruding ears can be a real issue for children and adults alike, however help is at hand. Ear correction surgery, or Otoplasty as it is technically known, can offer help to those individuals who suffer from embarrassment or a lack of self-confidence due to the size or shape of their ears. This surgical procedure is designed to change both the shape and contour of ears and can be performed on any individual over the age of five or six; the time when the growth of ears is practically complete.

Corrective Ear Surgery Procedure

Dependent on the scale of your surgery, you can have corrective ear surgery performed under general anaesthesia whilst you are asleep or under local anaesthesia which sees your surgeon numb the area and perform the procedure whilst you are still awake.

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The most basic Otoplasty procedure will see your surgeon make a small incision at the back of the ear in order to expose cartilage. Your surgeon may then fold down the cartilage using sutures to hold it together or alternatively remove excess cartilage altogether. After the cartilage has been reshaped or removed, small sutures will close up the incision before bandages are used to cover the ears. Depending on the scale of the required surgery, the procedure can take two hours or more.

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