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Receive a more youthful, vibrant appearance with a cosmetic facelift

Over time, the reflection in our mirrors starts to change. Where we used to see firm, tight skin, there is now a bit of sagging around the jaw line. Instead of a smooth appearance, time has brought us wrinkles around the eyes and smile lines around our mouths. Are you not as excited about what you see in the mirror as you used to be? A cosmetic facelift will help you to revitalize your confidence and improve those little imperfections.

Depending on your age and expectations, you may have multiple procedures from which to choose. While each one would be considered a surgical facelift, the operations vary in degree and complexity. For instance, an 'S' lift and MACS lift are common modifications.

Facelift Consultation in London

The best way to determine which facelift is right for you is to schedule a consultation with Professor Ilankovan. During this time, the two of you can discuss the outcome you seek. Your consultant will walk you through the steps involved with a surgical facelift as you will have a clear understanding about.

  • The location of scars
  • The visability of scars
  • Your hairline
  • How the procedure takes place
  • Recovery time
  • How 'obvious' a facelift will appear
  • and more…

Treatments that work with a surgical facelift

It's important to understand that surgical facelifts have limitations. For instance, a cosmetic facelift will have no effect on the quality and condition of your skin or on fine lines and creasing around your lips and eyes. In addition to a surgical facelift, you might opt for other procedures such as chemical peeling and laser resurfacing that can deliver the results you seek.

When you want to reverse the signs of ageing a cosmetic facelift and neck lift will recapture a more youthful and vibrant appearance and make you look and feel better than you have in years.

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