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Hair Transplant Treatment

For many people the thought of losing their hair is the worst thing that could possibly happen to them. For men it is usually down to a condition known as androgenetic alopecia, which is more commonly known as male pattern baldness. Women can also develop a similar condition of pattern baldness which usually affects the top of the scalp.

Here at Wentworth Clinic we understand that hair loss can have a significant effect on a person’s self-confidence and can often leave them feeling depressed and self-conscious the majority of the time. This is why we offer hair transplant treatment procedures for our clients.

Hair Transplant surgery

Our hair transplant surgery is an ideal solution for those suffering with hair loss, and as our results are completely natural looking you don’t have to worry about the end result. The newly transplanted hair will start to grow anywhere between three to five months, and although will start off slowly, it will gradually grow thicker and fuller over time.

There is no need to worry about going bald again as the hairs will continue to grow for a lifetime and will become a permanent feature of your appearance once again.

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So if you are looking to gain back your confidence and get rid of the worry of your hair loss, make sure we here at Wentworth Clinic are your first port of call. Contact us today on 0203 417 3891 to speak to an experienced and professional member of our team who will be happy to answer any questions.