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Hydro-Dermabrasion (Jet Peel) – Revolutionary New Technology

The Jet Peel is a natural, discomfort-free and virtually painless treatment procedure that dramatically improves a range of skin conditions – from wrinkles through to scarring.. The treatment is so effective that it can produce noticeable and immediately discernable effects even after just the first session.

In fact, hydro-dermabrasion is so effective that is has now effectively replaced microbermabrasion as one of the leading non-chemical skin treatment options.  

Utilising cutting edge techniques and revolutionary technology, hydro-dermabrasion treatments are quickly becoming the leading and most effective skin exfoliation and plumping technique – utilising water and oxygen to achieve smoother, healthier skin. 

Microdermabrasion Skin Treatment

Jet Peel treatments are administered using the Jet Peel 3 system, which works by utilising a patented hand piece creating a supersonic jet of liquid – this two phase jet contains micro droplets of specially blended saline solution.

Accelerating at a velocity of up to 200m/second, the supersonic stream which strike the skin and cause any dead skin to peel painlessly off without discomfort. The fast moving jet also helps to improve circulation, and creates the ideal environment for both toning and moisturising the skin deeply. 

Benefits Of Hydro-Demermabrasion (Jet Peel)

Our hydro-dermabrasion Jet Peel treatments provide our patients with numerous benefits, such as exfoliating skin without discomfort, and improving a range of skin conditions including fine lines, wrinkles, scarring and acne.

The revolutionary Jet Peel procedure provides five different benefits, working across the following areas:

  • Deep cleansing
  • Exfoliating
  • Hydration
  • Oxygenates
  • Micro-circulation of treated area

What Conditions Does Jet Peel Treat?

Our Jet Peel treatments are the perfect solution for a range of skin conditions, and can help with the reduction of wrinkles, unwanted pigmentation removal and overall skin improvement and rejuvenation. It is also a fantastic treatment option for acne, blackheads and comedone spots, utilising hydro-dermabrasion to remove these ailments effortlessly and painlessly. 


I was a sun worshiper. I am only 48 years old. I paid a visit to the Wentworth Clinic to ask advice to improve the quality of my skin. I presented a face which was full of pigmentation, thread veins, particularly along the cheek and nose and with dry, scaly skin of an old lady.

After the consultation I was advised on a package of laser/jet peel treatment, with a gap of 2-3 weeks. I was given all the information. 

The next day I arranged for my first treatment.

It was a pain free treatment package. The laser, for thread veins, caused some discomfort. I was able to go to work the next day, wearing a little make-up. However within 3-4 days my skin was entirely normal. I underwent a total of 5 treatments. I can't believe the improvement in the quality of my skin within the 4 months. I have no more pigmentation or thread veins. My skin is not dry any longer.

I still have lines, particularly along my upper lip and corners of my mouth, for which I was advised to have my own fat injected, which would be my treatment for the winter.

I would recommend this rejuvenation package to anyone, who has lost the quality of their skin through personal neglect and sun damage.



Is The Jet Peel A Safe Treatment Procedure?

Jet Peel treatments are safe – both for the patient undergoing the procedure and for the staff administering it. Essentially, cell growth and repair relies on both water and oxygen, and delivering this deep within a patient’s skin ensures an ample supply of these essential elements. With this in mind, there is little risk and the procedure is perfectly safe.