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Laser Wrinkle Removal

Facial laser wrinkle removal works to remove the top layers of skin including acne scars, pits and superficial wrinkles around the eyes and mouth. It leaves you with a healthy, smooth layer of skin providing a more youthful appearance.

What conditions can be treated with the Laser Resurfacing of the Face?

The Erbium laser is most commonly used to remove lines and fine wrinkles from the face. Different patients may require treatment in different areas. In some patients, only the area around the eyes, the crow's feet and eyelids need to be treated. In others, the area around the mouth requires treatment, these deep lines and wrinkles often cause lipstick to bleed from the lips on to the skin.  Facial skin laxity can also be treated using the Erbium laser. This tightening effect is particularly striking in the jowl area. The jowls can often be tightened enough to eliminate the need for a more invasive procedure, such as a cosmetic facelift.

Who is a good candidate for resurfacing with the Laser?

The ideal candidate for laser resurfacing and laser wrinkle removal has a relatively fair complexion. In general, the lighter the complexion, the more predictable the results. However, those with darker skins can be treated very successfully as well. Since Asians and Afro-Caribbeans sometimes have a tendency to experience either some darkening or lightening of the treated skin, proper skin care both before and after the procedure is essential. This virtually eliminates the chance of these pigmentation changes. In some cases, a small test patch behind one ear a few months prior to the actual resurfacing can help determine if the skin will react favourably to the laser.

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