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Varicose veins treatment Bournemouth

Varicose veins result in a wide spectrum of clinical presentations, ranging from multiple tiny superficial thread veins, to large bulging painful tender veins. All these can be treated safely and effectively using modern techniques under local anaesthetic as a day case.

At the Wentworth Clinic we now able to offer a comprehensive varicose vein service, starting with a consultation and clinical examination which includes a full venous ultrasound scan. This will enable a complete venous diagnosis, and treatment can be tailored according to the specific vein characteristics, and in consideration with the individual patient's requirements.

The treatments available encompass all the up to date minimally invasive techniques. Superficial thread veins and other cutaneous venous blemishes can be treated using the Nd:YAG laser which is available at the Wentworth Clinic. Slightly larger subcutaneous veins can be treated by micro-injection sclerotherapy using a very fine needle to inject a sclerosant solution into the vein to collapse it.

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Larger veins will require their sources to be effectively dealt with. This usually requires the use of endothermal treatment using either a diode laser or radiofrequency to heat the vein from within after insertion of a very fine fibre along the vein under ultrasound control. Occasionally, the optimal method of treatment may be the innovative mechano-chemical ClariVein technique, rather than heat-ablation. These three procedures are all performed under local anaesthetic, and require only a single puncture to access the vein, with the minimum of discomfort.

Bulging superficial varicose veins are frequently treated at the same time by gently extracting them through tiny punctures made in the overlying skin. This is easily and safely performed under local anaesthesia. Occasionally, this is enhanced by the ultrasound-guided injection of sclerosant solution made up into foam to deal with the veins that are not amenable for extraction or heat or mechanical treatment. Sometimes, ultrasound-guided foam sclerosant injections may be the best way to treat a tortuous vein, particularly if it is a recurrent vein after previous surgery.

Whichever combination of procedures your veins require, following the treatment, your legs will be dressed and bandaged, and compression hosiery will be applied. This is an important adjunct to the procedures, as the veins that have been treated, or the spaces they occupied, require firm compression to achieve an optimal and lasting result.

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Varicose Vein Treatment Protocol for the Wentworth Clinic:

  • First Consultation
  • History & examination
  • Full uni or bilateral deep and superficial vein ultrasound scan
  • Discussion as to the optimal treatment method
  • Booking for treatment session

Treatment Methods

  • Straight length of refluxing saphenous vein
  • EVLT or Clarivein
  • Tortuous deep refluxing saphenous vein or varices
  • USG Foam
  • Additional superficial cosmetic varices
  • Above + Phlebectomies
  • Additional unaccessible varicose connecting veins
  • Above + USG Foam
  • Elderly or fragile tissues
  • Clarivein
  • Superficial vascular blemishes
  • Cutaneous laser

Following treatment

  • All wounds dressed with opsite and gauze squares
  • Legs bandaged with Velband and Peha-Haft compression bandage
  • Graduated full length class II compression stocking
  • Optional further Peha-Haft bandage over stocking
  • Keep patient still and lying flat for one hour, then mobilise, and let home (not to drive)


  • All dressings and stockings permanently on for two full days
  • Stocking only on for two weeks during the day
  • See at two weeks if USG Foam is primary treatment for aspiration of possible haematoma
  • See at six weeks for u/s scan and clinical assessment and possible additional USG Foam
  • See at six months for u/s scan and clinical assessment
  • Offer yearly consultation and scan at a fixed rate

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