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Dental Veneers

The Wentworth Clilnic specialises in porcelain veneers at its Bournemouth location and offers dental veneers to clients in Dorchester, Weymouth and all areas of Dorset.

A veneer is a very fine specialised porcelain shell that is placed on the natural teeth. Unlike crowns, veneers only cover the front surface of the tooth. They require little or no tooth preparation and are a painless and permanent way of changing the shape and alignment of the teeth. Veneers have unparalleled longevity and maintenance is the same as the normal teeth. They are easy to look after with no special care needed.

Ceramic Crowns and Bridges

Dental crowns are the ideal restoration for teeth that have broken or have been weakened by extensive restoration. They completely cover and protects the teeth underneath and restores them to their proper shape and size.

A bridge is a number of crowns joined together which allows one or more missing teeth to be replaced. At the Wentworth Clinic we provide the above restoration using Zirconia, the most advanced of materials for crowns.

Zirconia has such a natural appearance that it can barely be distinguished from natural teeth. The inner layers are coloured to match the individual colour of your teeth then finished to completely match neighbouring teeth. This results in the colour and translucency of your teeth imitated to the very core.

Unlike conventional crowns and bridges with metal-based cores, Lava restorations contain absolutely no metal so you will see no dark lines where your tooth meets your gum.

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