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The intrinsic quality of the skin is usually affected by hormonal imbalance, excess sun exposure, and smoking and as part of ageing.  At the clinic we have the technology to reverse this. We use a combination of non surgical and surgical procedures.  The combination of non surgical techniques that we have developed includes jet, chemical peels and laser rejuvenation including laser hair removal and laser thread vein removal. The Fotona Erbium laser in a long pulse mode could aid in collagen rejuvenation with no epidermal damage.   The simultaneous chemical and jet peel will remove pigmentations and the damaged skin components. We also provide 100% natural skincare products that have been developed by us to enhance your anti-ageing regime. This combination will result in a glowing, healthier skin.

The Wentworth Clinic provides a skin care programme to achieve a long lasting effect.

Acne management

Acne is a troublesome problem for young and old.  There are acute eruptions as well as ice pick scars as a result of long-term acne problems.  Active acne is controlled with various medications as well as Nd YAG laser treatment to the affected areas.  For post acne scarring we perform a combined treatment package where the dead cells are removed with micro hydrodermabrasion.  Dermal regeneration and repair is promoted by long-pulse Nd YAG laser.  Erbium laser in a smooth mode will provide epidermal and dermal regeneration with minima downtime.  Erbium laser resurfacing will remove superficial layers of the skin with minimal thermal injury to the surrounding area.  Simultaneous subcision and filler injections to deep depressions is also carried out.

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